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Malaysia Bank Adopts Artificial Intelligence Early Warning System to Reduce Risks of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)

The client is one of the largest international banks, headquartered in Singapore with a prominent presence in the Asian region. As a Financial Institution with significant focus on commercial loans, the challenge of managing credit risk from loans turning delinquent is pervasive and a major concern to the bank. With a clear understanding that high […]

Singapore Bank Embraces Machine Learning To Boost Their Advertising Campaigns

The client is one of the largest banking and financial services corporations in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, the conglomerate has operations across multiple countries around the region. The bank has a substantial budget for digital ad campaigns. In the past, however, a large portion of their digital advertisements were not optimized; their ads were reaching […]

Confess Now, Or The Taxman And Big Data Analytics Will Come After You

Governments worldwide are under mounting pressure to tighten their tax gaps, defined as the difference between what the government expects to collect in taxes versus what is actually collected. Closer to home, in a 2011 Economic Transformation Program (ETP) update by Minister in the PM’s Department and CEO of PEMANDU, Dato’ Sri Idris Jala, Malaysia’s […]

Malaysia Airports develops data insights to optimize customer satisfaction

Airport operator company, Malaysia Airports, with interests in Turkey, India, and South Asia, is working with Fusionex on a proof-of-concept: to develop a Business Intelligence platform to further enhance Malaysia Airports’ retailer management system within KLIA and provide value-added services for travelers. Introduction Malaysia Airports is an airport management company with a portfolio of almost […]

How a Malaysian bank used data science to increase its credit card spend

Client Profile: The bank is one of the largest financial institutions in Malaysia with retail branches in numerous Southeast Asia countries. Challenge: A substantial segment of the bank’s credit card holders with high spending potential is not utilizing its credit card as their primary card. Solution: Cardholders with spending potential were segmented based on various […]

Big Data Use Cases in Retail

Dynamic pricing across multiple channels is not new, but big data allows for a much more refined set of indicators for price elasticity in comparison with traditional influencers such as time and availability. Other indicators include the weather, the location, the complete buying profile of a customer, and the social media presence of a customer […]

Tripfez & Salam Standard use big data analytics to provide Muslims a blessed travel experience

In a market saturated with international players all offering variations of the same travel booking products, this Malaysian online travel trailblazer harnessed big data analytics (BDA) to stand out above the rest, aggregating millions of search results through their service. Through Tripfez and Salam Standard, thousands of users request thousands of hotels, millions of reviews […]

How our local hero, ServisHero, capitalized Big Data to multiply SME revenue

ServisHero is an on-demand local services marketplace, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, which saves consumers time and money when looking for reliable local service providers.  The process is simple:  Make a request on our website or mobile application, receive quotes from thousands of trusted local service providers, compare profiles, ratings and reviews, chat to the providers […]

Enabling world class airport services through social data analytics

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad’s (MAHB) use of Big Data Analytics (BDA) enabled the world-class company to be proactive and responsive toward all public and passenger feedback – a critical factor with some 80 million people passing through their airports yearly. MAHB Customer Affairs and Resolution Excellence (CARE) unit working closely with its operations and commercial departments […]

The Rise against Landslides: Big Data to the Rescue

Challenges: Current slope monitoring exercises are carried out manually. Several methods are being used to monitor slope movements. Some of the most common methods are satellite imageries and conventional Global Positioning System (GPS) which require manual observations. Others prefer to use 3D laser scanners that can scan any topography and provide quick assessments of the […]

Awesome Solutions by AngelHack KL 2016 Big Data Winners

AngelHack recently hosted their yearly hackathon event, AngelHack KL 2016, sponsored by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), TIME, MOLPay and other big players in the IT industry. We saw Malaysian innovators and future disruptors giving it their all, battling for bragging rights and the chance of taking home cool prizes. What exactly is AngelHack, […]

Safeguarding our neighbourhoods and businesses with smart video analytics

With increasing numbers of Malaysian businesses and home-owners investing in expensive security systems to prevent crime, smart video analytics solution solves the problem of having to focus attention on monitoring screens of CCTV systems for long hours. The solution enables not only the detection of suspicious activities or irregular behaviour, but also the analysis, alerts […]

Harnessing the power of data to improve national health outcomes

Taking advantage of big data analytics (BDA) and cloud computing, the Malaysian Health Data Warehouse (MyHDW) is a Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse platform that addresses the data analytics, ad hoc queries and dashboard needs of healthcare professionals, and the need for Health Informatics standards. Its benefits are multifaceted and far reaching, as the collection, […]

Trailblazing online travel in Malaysia with big data analytics

In a market saturated with international players all offering variations of the same travel booking products, this Malaysian online travel trailblazer harnessed big data analytics (BDA) to stand out above the rest, aggregating millions of search results through their service.  This meant that LagiSatu processed, in real time, thousands of user requests, thousands of hotels, […]