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Malaysia Bank Adopts Artificial Intelligence Early Warning System to Reduce Risks of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)

The client is one of the largest international banks, headquartered in Singapore with a prominent presence in the Asian region. As a Financial Institution with significant focus on commercial loans, the challenge of managing credit risk from loans turning delinquent is pervasive and a major concern to the bank. With a clear understanding that high […]

Big Community Webinar: Selecting a NoSQL database from a menu of over 200 products

Big Community will run a webinar on “Selecting a NoSQL database” on 20th March at 5:00pm SGT. Abstract Today, there are thought to be over 200 commercial and open source NoSQL database products. Often, these products are divided into four broad categories: key-value stores, column stores, document stores and graph stores. Increasingly, some products are combining […]

Singapore Bank Embraces Machine Learning To Boost Their Advertising Campaigns

The client is one of the largest banking and financial services corporations in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, the conglomerate has operations across multiple countries around the region. The bank has a substantial budget for digital ad campaigns. In the past, however, a large portion of their digital advertisements were not optimized; their ads were reaching […]

Confess Now, Or The Taxman And Big Data Analytics Will Come After You

Governments worldwide are under mounting pressure to tighten their tax gaps, defined as the difference between what the government expects to collect in taxes versus what is actually collected. Closer to home, in a 2011 Economic Transformation Program (ETP) update by Minister in the PM’s Department and CEO of PEMANDU, Dato’ Sri Idris Jala, Malaysia’s […]

AIRVOLUTION 2017: World’s first hackathon by AirAsia

AIRVOLUTION 2017 – the world’s first hackathon by AirAsia aimed at spearheading innovation in the Asean region. The challenge will be open to 100 selected individuals – the cream de la cream of software developers, designers, engineers and/or technopreneurs – who are based in any AirAsia destinations. AIRVOLUTION 2017 has listed 3 key challenges for […]

Contact Centres Asia 2017: Driving Contact Centre Transformation

Driving Contact Centre Transformation through Digitisation, Innovation & Exceptional Customer Experience 14 – 16 March 2017 Grand Millenium Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Contact centres of today are no longer just about handling enquiries and resolving complaints. The focus is now on transforming contact centres into strategic customer experience management (CEM) assets. Join your peers at this […]

4 Ways Big Data and CRM are Shaping Modern Marketing

This term ‘big data’ refers to massive amounts of data that can be mined with analytics software to generate crucial information such as preferences, needs, and wants of your potential customers and customers alike. This type of information allows you to predict the kind of services to extend to them to produce the most sales. […]

Malaysia Airports develops data insights to optimize customer satisfaction

Airport operator company, Malaysia Airports, with interests in Turkey, India, and South Asia, is working with Fusionex on a proof-of-concept: to develop a Business Intelligence platform to further enhance Malaysia Airports’ retailer management system within KLIA and provide value-added services for travelers. Introduction Malaysia Airports is an airport management company with a portfolio of almost […]

Wrangle Malaysia Interviews: How Data Science Impacts Us All

Wrangle Malaysia was held on 9 Dec 2016, and was co-organized by MDEC, Big Data Malaysia and Cloudera. It was a single-day, single-track event about Data Science across multiple data-rich industries where 10 international data scientists flew down to Malaysia to share their toughest problems, and the solutions they found for them. We managed to interview […]

2017 Predictions for Big Data, AI and IoT

Artificial intelligence will be the most exciting area of the hottest trend, and its usage will be in one-to-one conversations between buyers and marketers (in the form of chatbots and digital assistants). Hype surrounding deep learning will finally fizzle out. Deep learning will be become a reality. Those who adopt AI and machine learning early […]

Diamonds are not forever according to data science

At least not for pricey wedding rings! Analytics involving 3,000 couples – married or otherwise – presented a correlation between the price of an engagement ring and the length of marriage. If you are spending a large part of your salary on your other half’s diamond ring, be prepared to be saddened. If the ring […]

Hong Leong Bank Uses IBM Watson for Cognitive Banking

Hong Leong bank becomes the first bank in Malaysia to utilize IBM Watson to enable customer self-service. The cognitive technology platform will also assist the bank’s call center consultants. It will scrutinize and analyze customer profiles, reports and product info to recognize a customer’s needs and offer various financial options available to them. IBM developed […]

Wrangle Malaysia 2016

Wrangle Malaysia 2016. A one-day, single-track event about Data Science that cuts across multiple data-rich industries. Come listen to 10 international and renowned data scientists share their toughest problems, and the solutions they found for them. Wrangle Malaysia 2016 is organized by Data Scientists for Data Scientists! For more info and to register your interest […]

How a Malaysian bank used data science to increase its credit card spend

Client Profile: The bank is one of the largest financial institutions in Malaysia with retail branches in numerous Southeast Asia countries. Challenge: A substantial segment of the bank’s credit card holders with high spending potential is not utilizing its credit card as their primary card. Solution: Cardholders with spending potential were segmented based on various […]