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The Demon In AI And Losing Your Job To Robots

Since its rise to stardom, AI has had an unquestionably positive effect on our lives. Think of Siri, your friendly personal assistant embedded in your iPhone. What about Netflix that uses AI algorithms to recommend our next movie? But let’s sit down and ponder upon the darker side of artificial intelligence: Its potential to replace all our jobs.


Confess Now, Or The Taxman And Big Data Analytics Will Come After You

Check out the Tax Big Data Analytics Maturity Model that describes high-impact tax business cases that will bring in serious returns for the government - like GST fraud identification, anti-money laundering and real-time fraud detection. They require the deployment of advanced analytics such as text mining, path analysis, connections, affinity and visualization.


AIRVOLUTION 2017: World’s first hackathon by AirAsia

The world’s first hackathon by AirAsia aimed at spearheading innovation in the Asean region. The challenge will be open to 100 selected individuals to help improve customer experience based on their digital footprints, reduce wait times at airports, from check-in to boarding, and craft the best itineraries, the best flights and the best tours for AirAsia customers.


Contact Centres Asia 2017: Driving Contact Centre Transformation

An event to strategise how you can take your contact centres to new heights in 2017! Learn how to deploy new digital contact channels, streamline operational efficiency, and invest in the latest technologies such as biometrics, speech analytics, virtual assistants and chat bots to enhance customer interactions.